2022 Housing Market Predictions?

What does the Housing Market have in store for 2022?

Monday Market Update, with 2022 just starting in the works, what does this year lead to in the Real Estate world? Marco Santarelli from Norada Real Estate Investments discusses how the housing market has had a phenomenal year, with record low-interest rates, the strongest yearly growth in single-family home prices and rentals, and the highest number of home sales in five years! Even homeowners saw their properties being sold rapidly and frequently above the asking price, how awesome is that?
With all that being said, what does 2022 look like? He goes on to state that this year will remain a seller's market and home values are expected to increase by double-digit percentage points. He states "According to the most recent housing market forecast (by realtor.com), home price growth will slow further in 2022 but will continue to rise. As housing costs continue to consume a greater portion of home purchasers' paychecks, buyers will become more inventive." Many will take advantage of continued workplace flexibility to relocate to suburbs, to find homes at a lower price in nearby cities as well. To read more about 2022 Housing predictions, continue to: https://www.noradarealestate.com/.../housing-market.../
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